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We are in the process of developing our portfolio of services. Whenever you end up in a situation where decisions need to be made, either by you, or by the local, regional or national government, or by companies and other organizations around you, you may have questions related to these decisions. Questions, that need expert knowledge, scientific knowledge to answer. You can contact us with these questions, no mater what. Our main function is to broker knowledge, to find the answer you need. For that, we use many different sources. However, the most important source are the experts to which we can pose your questions. If needed, we can even link you with them, and they can talk to you.

We are working hard to get the infrastructure in place to enable your dialog with the amazing science expert body and to give you access to the scientific knowledge collected by humanity. Nothing less. We think, this access will reduce the power of those who still aim to control knowledge, and it will liberate humanity. Having unlimited access to the scientific knowledge need to make informed decisions eventually will help us to make the transition needed to reach beyond sustainability.

Until better infrastructure is in place, you can mail your question to us: info@scienceworks4u.com.